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Laminate Flooring

If you have and active household, laminate will fit right in. It is designed to be durable and withstand a ton of foot traffic. It is highly resilient and will last for years. Laminate floors are very resistant to wear, fading and stains. Most are sold with a warranty to back that up. Laminate is a master of disguise. It can look like almost any other style of flooring. Because it is made from less costly material, you can get expensive looks for a lot less money. With the latest breakthroughs in printing technology, you can find an extremely convincing laminate substitute for many different floor types. Another benefit is the ease of installation. If you like to handle home projects on your own, laminate is a favorite among do-it-yourselfers. You can find glue-less installation options as well as self-locking laminate that can be installed on most subfloor types.

Types of Laminate Flooring

One of the biggest benefits of laminate flooring is it creates such huge variety of styles and looks to choose from, and they are a lot cheaper than other options. For example, if you like hardwood flooring but not the expense, you can find a laminate that looks like any hardwood at the fraction of the price.

Laminate Hardwood

With the new digital printing technologies laminate flooring can strike an amazing resemblance to most other flooring types. Hardwood laminate flooring can imitate anything from traditional American oaks to exotic Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring. You can even find laminate that feels like hardwood underfoot.

Laminate Stone/Ceramic

Laminate also has the ability to replicate the appearance of stone or ceramic flooring materials. Your home can have the appearance slate or marble with the low cost of laminate.

Laminate Tile

All the unique textures of tile can be reproduced using tile laminate flooring. Your floor can have a very convincing look and feel of tile while using laminate flooring.

Surface Types of Laminate Flooring

The versatility of laminate flooring allows it to have many different surface options. These surfaces are what give laminate the realistic feel along with the realistic looks it’s able to create. The five surface types of laminate flooring are:

  1. Smooth
  2. Patina
  3. Distressed
  4. Embossed
  5. Wood-grain

Smooth is the most common surface of laminate flooring. This is a great one to create the smooth look of stone or marble flooring. Embossed is a raised surface that allows for more complicated designs like you would find it tile. Patina is created using an embossed surface. A thin layer of paint is added to the raised embossed surface then wiped clean. This leaves paint in the areas of the laminate that are not raised. Wood-grain is laminate that is designed to have the look and feel of real hardwood flooring. It gives it the texture of wood allowing it to take after the classic hand-scraped and aged wood looks.


Lamett employs some of the best designers to create the most appealing flooring products on the market today. They set the standard for quality in every flooring option they have available. If you are looking for a wide range of quality options at affordable prices, Lamett is an option you should absolutely consider.

Lamett is known throughout the industry as a trendsetter in laminate as well as wood flooring. They are a leader in fashion and innovation in their industry and are constantly striving to produce higher quality and more fashionable flooring options.

Lamett Laminate Flooring

Lamett creates replications of traditional flooring materials using high quality laminate and advanced printing technologies. They have a wide variety of laminates that look and feel like hardwood, ceramic, stone and many more.

You can get all the beauty of these flooring options without the high cost and maintenance hassles. With the selection of laminate flooring options offered by Lamett, you will be sure to find something to fit your style and needs.



Columbia Laminate Floors

Columbia offers both laminate wood floors and laminate tile floors. You can get the beauty and detail of Columbia’s hand-crafted hardwoods with the ease and low price of laminate wood flooring. Columbia’s proprietary blend of high style and design elements gives you a many Specialty Designs to choose from.

Columbia tile flooring gives you the beauty of stone, slate and ceramic without the hassle of messy installation. They create a realistic appearance and feel that will give your home a contemporary high class look for a lot less

Cork Flooring


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Cork is a progressive design option that offers high-end durability. Cork is a highly resilient flooring because it has elasticity and gives on impact. This makes cork a great option for comfort and sturdiness. Cork is also known for its abundant design options. The versatile material allows for stains in many shades and it can also be painted. You can have the benefits of cork and still match any décor you choose. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, cork is the perfect choice. This is because cork can be harvested from a tree without damaging the tree or stunting its growth. This makes cork the most naturally renewable resource for flooring.

Types of Cork Flooring

There are a lot of different choices you have to make before making that final purchase. This guide will help you understand the many different options you have and equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision. There is a huge variety of color options because of cork’s versatility, but there are only 3 different coloring methods.

  • Stain: You can apply a coat of stain on your cork flooring to give it your desired color. You can get most color options pre-stained.
  • Paint: This method gives your flooring limitless color options. Find a unique look by buying painted cork flooring.
  • Natural: You can always leave the cork as is for a nice light shade. The natural color of cork is a great choice for those looking to brighten up a room, while still creating warmth.

Cork Flooring Shapes

There are only two options when it comes to the actual shape of the floor. You will either get plank or tile. The shape you buy impacts how they can be installed.

  • Plank: The lengths of the planks can vary, but they are installed the same. The edges click and lock together and create a floating floor. They sit above your subfloor or existing floor.
  • Tile: The other option is tile, which can be glued to some wood substrates and concrete. They can be carved to create unique designs.

Cork Textures

The texture of the cork is a large part of the overall appearance. Depending on the manufacturer, you may see different names for the textures than you see here. To define the different textures we will use the most commonly used terminology.

  • Peeled: Strips of cork are laid together, revealing the cork’s organic beauty.
  • Small Granules: Cork is finely ground to create the traditional cork look you are most likely familiar with.
  • Medium Granules: Cork is ground and mixed with medium-sized pieces of unground cork. This gives your floor a varied texture.
  • Large Granules: Cork is ground and mixed with large cork pieces. This gives your floors a highly textured appearance.
  • Burled Cork: Cork is ground up and mixed with cork chunks of varying sizes. This will give your floors a distinct wavy look.

Cork Compositions

There are three different composition types, and each is better installed on different surfaces.

  • Mosaic Cork Tiles: This is usually constructed with a recycled wine corks. The cork tiles are glued to a paper backing. They are installed using mortar and grout that waterproofs the flooring, making it a good fit for wet spaces like bathrooms.
  • Solid Cork Flooring: Cork planks are constructed using ground cork mix. These are best when glued to either concrete or plywood subfloors.
  • Engineered Cork Flooring: Compressed cork is bonded to fiberboard, which gets bonded to uncompressed cork. This creates a floating floor. The fiberboard can come in medium to high density. This is best installed over damaged floors you don’t want to bother removing
Cork is a naturally resistant material that is perfect for busy homes or even commercial applications. If you are looking for a material that is will last for many years, than cork is a great place to start. WE Cork produces cork flooring that is easy to install and requires for little maintenance to keep it looking good for generations to come.

Cork trees produce wide varieties of cork in regards to quality, making the buying process fairly difficult. WE Cork makes painstaking efforts to select only the highest quality cork to produce flooring you can be proud to display in your home.

WE Cork floating floors use a system of cork panels to make the installations a very simple process. They can be installed virtually anywhere in the house due to corks incredible resistance to moisture.

We Cork has been in the cork industry for over 100 years and continues to passionately innovate their products to produce the best possible cork flooring products for your home’s needs.

WE Cork Sustainability

Cork itself is an incredible natural resource because of its amazing ability to regenerate itself. WE Cork has dedicated themselves to working with only cork to allow themselves to stay as earth friendly as possible. They have been utilizing sustainable practices since their start in 1868, while other have just now started to process of going green and reducing their carbon foot print.

Cork grows a unique protective, inner-bark that allows it to survive and regenerate after its outer-bark is removed. WE Cork utilizes a special hatched that is designed to leave the cork tree’s inner bark completely undamaged during the stripping process.


Wicanders is a world leader in the production and distribution of floor and wall covering. They produce elegant and durable flooring products using one of the best naturally found materials on earth – cork. Cork is great for the environment, because there is no reason to scientifically engineer it, because it is already so functional.

Since 1868, they’ve produced the highest quality cork flooring, inspired by the purest values of nature combined with strict standards of style.

Wicanders cork flooring is easy to install and requires no messy glue applications. They utilize a unique corkloc tongue and groove system that allows you to quickly and easily install your cork flooring products.

Wicanders uses advanced technology to create flooring that combines elements of wood, laminate, and vinyl with elements of cork to give the you the variety and beauty of every floor type and also the many benefits and comforts of cork.

Wicanders Sustainability

The cork harvesting process by Wicanders never damages the tree it’s taken from. They utilize a cyclical extraction process designed to maximize the harvest and protect the environment.

Along with Wicanders constant efforts to reduce their strain on the environment, cork itself is a great material for the earth. Cork has a natural property that that actually retains CO2 helping to reduce the release of harmful emissions into the environment.


 Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the best ways to get a combination of beauty and durability. It is most known for its strength and stability, making it a great choice for flooring that lasts for many years. Although bamboo is actually a type of grass, it can be harder than oak, giving you a long lasting material.

It has a lot of the same benefits of hardwood plus a few more. It has less risk of damage due to expansion or contraction. It is also particularly resistant to insects and mildew growth. Bamboo is one the most recent materials to be used in flooring, but it is also one of the most environmentally friendly.

It is a rapidly renewable resource that can be harvested every 5-7 years. An oak tree takes 60 years or more before it’s ready to be re-harvested. This makes bamboo a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers who are concerned about sustainability.

Types of Bamboo Flooring

There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking the best bamboo flooring for your needs. Some decisions you make can impact the hardness of your bamboo, but as bamboo is incredibly strong and durable, most of your choices will be about getting the look you want. This guide will give you the details on the different options available to you.

Bamboo Grain Types

There are three main grain options: vertical, horizontal and strand-woven. The choice here is less about the quality and more about the overall look of the bamboo flooring in your home.

Horizontal Bamboo: This simply means the planks are inserted next to each other horizontally before they are pressurized and finished. This helps display the random growth rings (knuckles) of the stalk.

Vertical Bamboo: This is just like the horizontal grain, except the planks are placed vertically next to each other before pressurizing and finishing. This has the opposite effect, creating a very uniform and smooth look.

Strand-woven Bamboo: To create this texture planks are constructed from remaining stalk strands that are trimmed from long filets of bamboo. They are then compressed with an adhesive, pressurized then finished. This has a more random look like the horizontal revealing a lot of character. One main difference between this bamboo grain is that it’s twice as hard as the other two.

Bamboo Flooring Color Types

There are few common color choices when you purchase your bamboo flooring. This is another decision based purely on the look you want to achieve and has little to do with quality (excluding carbonized which is softer than the other types).

Natural: The natural color is exactly how it sounds. There are no stains or colors added to the bamboo. You just get the bamboo’s natural, light blonde color. This simple option is great, because it goes with most décors.

Carbonized: When bamboo is boiled for an extended period of time, the sugars in the plant caramelize, adding this beautiful color to the bamboo flooring. The shades change depending on how long the bamboo is boiled. The process makes this bamboo type softer than the other colors.

Tiger: This color has a nice tiger stripe pattern. It’s created using alternating strips of natural and carbonized strips of bamboo flooring. This is ideal for homeowners looking for something unique.

Stained: This option allows you to find the perfect color to match any décor. Bamboo can be treated with wood stain to add color to your bamboo. Bamboo flooring is available in many shades from light to dark.

Direct Print: A lot like laminate, bamboo can be printed on to look like another type of hardwood flooring. If you want the look and feel of a different hardwood flooring, but still want the benefits of bamboo, this is the only way to go.



Wellmade performance flooring is the ultimate collection of bamboo flooring. They provide anything from traditional bamboo to solid and engineered strand woven bamboo. Wellmade gives you tons of colors and styles in bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring can be very hard and durable. Wellmade makes bamboo flooring that is harder than domestic oak by 25%.

Wellmade HardMax Finish™

Wellmade bamboo flooring is coated with the exceptional HardMax Finish. This is one of today’s most durable surfaces available. It uses a proprietary formula of UV-cured acrylic urethane and aluminum oxide to give it increased performance.

With this special coating, your Wellmade bamboo flooring will last at least 30 years. In fact, HardMax has a 30-year finish warranty to make sure you get more than your money’s worth.

Wellmade Precision

The bamboo flooring that comes out of Wellmade’s manufacturing plants is milled to perfection, ensuring you get the best possible product. The most advanced technologies are used to produce floors that are the easiest to install and perform under demanding circumstances.  They are monitored through the entire production with advanced quality control technology.

Some of the best quality features include:

  • Standard Tongue-and-groove fit for professional installation
  • Genuine Uniclic floating system to allow easy installation for do-it-yourselfers
  • Bamboo planks back finished for additional stability
  • Milled edges treated with proprietary finish to protect against penetrating moisture

Wellmade Highly Sustainable

Bamboo in general is one of the most eco-friendly and rapidly renewable resources naturally available on the earth today. Wellmade floors are only made with Moso bamboo, which is an even better choice for the planet. It is understood to be the highest quality material that can be used to produce bamboo flooring.

Moso bamboo is actually part of the grass family. It grows quickly in well-managed forests monitored by the government. It regenerates naturally without ever needing to be replanted!

Wellmade uses the following specifications to guarantee quality and sustainability:

  • Harvested after 5-7 years for the best density and hardness
  • USGBC recognized as rapidly renewable resource
  • Exceeds European E1 Standard indoor air quality and emissions
  • LEED Material and Resources MR6 credit
  • LEED Low Emitting Flooring Systems qualified for solid strand
  • Ultra-low VOC adhesives and resins for low formaldehyde emissions

Wellmade flooring abides by and exceeds the highest green standards in the flooring industries. They are strongly affiliated with the World Floor Covering Association, the U.S. Green Building Council, the FSC and the National Wood Flooring Association.


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